Inter SAS Sp. z o.o.
Emilii Plater 36 / 60
00-113 Warszawa
tel. 022 624 81 70, 0 663 41 50 05
fax. 022 620 43 14
e-mail: intersas.biuro@wp.pl

Inter SAS LTD. provides management and supervision services for construction works in all types of industries. We offer experience in areas of general construction, sanitation, gas, electrician and road works. Knowledge of all newest technologies is a benefit. During our work fulfilling all generally binding laws and regulations is a top priority for us.

We hire highly qualified engineer personnel - all with required licenses for:

  • Construction
  • Electrician
  • Sanitation
  • Gas
  • Road

As a part of supervision and management works our main responsibilities are:

  • Investor representation at the construction site by control of conformity conduct in accordance to project, agreement on construction works, building permit and also laws and rules of technical knowledge.
  • make checks of quality and compliance with the Agreement for Construction Works, hardware, built-in construction products, materials, equipment, etc. In particular the prevention of the use of faulty equipment and the use of construction products, materials, equipment, etc. are not defective and the use in construction;
  • making and receiving checks (arrivals and the final part) of works which are ceasing covered or vanished, to participate in the trials and technical take-overs of installations, equipment or technical chimney and to prepare and participate in activities to receive the finished buildings and assist General Contractors in transmitting them to use;
    validation works actually carried out, and remove the defects, as well as monitoring the accounts for the site;
  • issuing commands to the extent necessary the Construction Manager (other appropriate persons), as evidenced by entry in the log construction relating to: the correction of deficiencies or risks, exercise testing or research, including requiring the discovery of the works or items covered, and, on the expertise of the works and the evidence authorization for use in building construction products and technical equipment;
  • a request from the Construction Manager (competent persons) to amend or re-implementation of the defective works, and prohibiting further construction of the cases referred to the Agreement for the works or if they continue to cause danger or cause unacceptable non-compliance with the project or building permit .

Recently implemented contracts

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Supervision on housing complex and surrounding infrastructure at Szczerbca street in Warsaw.

Supervision for the construction of storage hall with an area of over 1 200 m2.

Shell Polska Sp. z o.o. - construction management and supervision of an investor in all specialties in the construction of service stations in Warsaw. Płochocińskiej 201 street.

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